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報告人:張康  教授  (德克薩斯大學達拉斯分校計算機系 

主持人:王長波  教授

報告時間:202146日星期二 上午09:00-10:30



Writing a proper technical paper in English is always a challenge for Chinese students. Good introduction (from an insider who has chaired many conferences and on editorial boards of several journals) to writing and guided practice would help students to quickly gain the writing skills. This talk introduces the basic requirements for proper styles and formats targeted at IEEE or ACM conferences and journals (for Computer Science and Software Engineering, but equally applicable to other engineering disciplines). The recent option of open publications will also be discussed. Most importantly, how to get a paper accepted and published? We will provide some real case studies: reasons for some rejected papers submitted to an IEEE conference will be analyzed based on reviewers’ comments. We will finally list several typical Chinese English phrases and suggest better usages.


        張康博士現任美國The University of Texas at Dallas計算機科學專業終生教授是富布萊特杰出講席教授(Fulbright Distinguished Chair), ACM杰出講演人(ACM Distinguished Speaker),曾入選華東師范大學海外名師,VINCI國際會議的指導委員會主席,Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Journal of Big DataThe Visual Computer,  Journal of Visual Languages and Sentient Systems和《軟件學報》等期刊的編委。并應邀在多個管理科學和計算機科學國際會議上作主旨演講,擔任過多個國際會議大會主席和程序委員會主席發表過8本論著, 100多篇SCIAHCI檢索期刊論文, 160多篇國際會議論文張康教授的主要研究領域是可視化語言, 信息可視化, 計算機藝術, 軟件工程

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